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General Data Protection Regulation Policy
General Data Protection Regulation Policy Issue 1 25th May 2018
This GDPR Policy sets out how Elementery Ltd. protects the privacy of your personal information. By providing us with your personal information you are accepting this policy and how we handle your personal information. Elementery Ltd. respects the privacy and rights of individuals to control their own personal data. Our policy is simple. We will be clear about the data we collect and why. Your data is protected by us and will not be passed onto any third parties. If you do not agree with this policy you must not provide us with your personal information, but this may affect our ability to provide you with services or products. Elementery Ltd. are the manufacturer and distributor of silica, pencil and immersion elements. During our normal course of business, we must process:- Personal information on behalf of end users, customers and suppliers in various forms (electronic, paper) in order to buy stock, store, assemble, process customer orders, pick, pack and despatch, pay suppliers and receive customer payments. What we collect: This information is limited to the following, dependant on the nature of the relationship with Elementery Ltd.: Individuals name, business name, address, telephone number, email address, How do we collect it? End user information is collected via the online contact form which is completed when we are contacted about a product and you are not an existing customer. Supplier and Customer information is collected by completion of account forms and is also gathered during the expansion of customer/supplier relationships. What it is used for? This information is used to conduct financial transactions through the processes of buying and selling, send marketing information about our business and conduct our normal daily business activities with customers, and suppliers Information provided by end users who contact us via the online contact form may be added to our marketing data base to receive information about our products and services or to correspond with you about your queries. Customer and supplier information will be used to conduct our normal business activities of buying and selling. How is it stored? The information is stored on our secure server or in hard copy files which have restricted access. This data will be held by Elementery Ltd. for the duration of the contract plus an additional 6 years, after which they shall be destroyed. Paper copies shall be shredded and company and electronic files shall be permanently deleted from our server. End users contacting us about our products will have their details deleted after 18 months if there is no further correspondence between the two parties. End users making a product liability claim will have their details retained for 7 years after closure of the claim file. Your choices: Requests to amend personal information should be made to the data protection officer, where access will be granted or amendments completed within 30 days. A request for the information to be deleted will be completed with 30 days of a written request. If you are conducting business with Elementery Ltd. it may not be practical to remove your personal details and continue to conduct business with the individual, resulting in termination of the contract between the two parties. Disclosure: Individual details will not be disclosed to any third party with the exception of: Law enforcement, government agencies and where legal requirements necessitate. Social Media Integration: Our social media accounts are provided and operated by third party companies (such as Twitter and LinkedIn). These have features such as like and share and may collect information about your activity which we have access to via these sites. Your interactions with these sites are governed, as we are, by the privacy policy of these companies. Further information can be obtained from these company websites. Elementery Ltd. takes no responsibility for their GDPR policies of these sites. Contact us: If you have any further questions about how your personal information is handled or you wish to amend or delete your information, please contact us at the email address below. Email:
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We are a major British manufacturing company formally Power Development Limited that has been supplying elements to all of the UK and abroad for the last 40 years. We are able to provide elements for most domestic appliances including infrared silica and ceramic electric fire elements, ovens, grills, immersions to name but a part of our range. The range and stocks of these are extensive and we supply major OEM's and most of the national distributors. Elementery Limited stocks over 400 elements .